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Requirementand Feature Analysis

One electricsystem computer room need to improve management efficiency,lower the rate ofon-site handling,separate the operator and manager from computer room massworking, adopt two ways complement- the ethnet and independent non network, toreduce the power accident by network.The server need run 7*24hours while KVMneed plug-and-play to lessen the affection resulted from restarting and machinehalt.

The interviewup to BIOS level so as to lessen the distinguish and rely on operation system.Low-carbon to reduce the cost. Need 4-6 managers to control 60pcs servers. Thedistance between server room and manager office is 50~70meters, need use theexisting structure


The systemcould realize by 2pcs KM-3232 or KM-3432,2/4 remote users*2/4 local users*32ports to connect 32pcs servers;Every manager equipped by work station KMR-1000or by the ethnet IP remote control way to interview and manage the servers, twoways together to improve the reliability and flexibility for the equipment.Cat5 dongles connect server and KVM, the transmission distance minus than100meters and could totally use the existing structure without newconstruction.

Characteristics of thescheme£º

BIOS Interview and management£º

As theimportance of power system servers network,need rush to on-site repair onceaccident happen,reliable & safe remote management system could fasten therepair and enhance the steadiness. It is vital way to realize remote controland maintenance by remote 24hours uninterrupted keyboard & mouse &console.

Improve the efficiency and the robustness£º

The remote IP and Cat5 workstation management, could use the latter oncenetwork accident happen, that¡¯s how the two modes together to improve themaintenance and lower the accident result in the efficiency and robustness ofthe power system.

Breakthrough the distance limit:

Forelectricity room, less management personnel & equipment scattered & clientterminal need to maintain ; Could solve the problem quickly and helpadministrators to solve the problem by this way once there is any problem,because of the inconvenience of distance. The effective management of personnelin the control room can check and troubleshoot the corresponding fault.

Behave the management of computer-room

The improvedefficiency means better management with stability and safety due to less timefor workers. Simplify and behave wiring to make sure the effective extension ofkeyboard, mouse & monitor.

Cost Down

Networkdepartment need be 24hours nonstop working. The cost of hardware, software,staff and place is pretty large for company. Our solution make sure quick solveof problem and reduce risks and lessen the time of manager staying incomputer-room .

Friendly environment and energyconservation

Using KVM to prevent massmonitor, keyboard, mouse and so on so as to reduce radiation, less time for aircondition working and energy emissions, the healthy environment to ensuremanagement improved.

Multi-platform support

Dongle plugand play, support a variety of operating system platforms like Windows, IBM AIX£¬HP-UX£¬Sun Solaris£¬ RedHat Linux£¬Suse Linux£¬Mac£¬Novel etc.

Security Mechanism

The securitymechanism using IP remote users three access authorities, which are themanagement of various operations, prevent the users unauthorized into thesystem and workstation control users, whose only access to OSD function is getauthorized and correspondent entrance command.

Easy installation and wide use

Easyinstallation of KVM and could integrate existing computer, adopt the Cat5 Donglewiring and without any software.

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