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Demand Analysis>>

A public security bureau needs to transform urban traffic monitoring andmanagement room. The requirement is to improve power management, security, and monitoring,and realize centralized management of all servers in the main control room tofurther improve the efficiency of the management, operation and maintenance, andalso enhance the quality of public security services of IT systems. There are 52units of servers, operating requirements: 2-4 users to manage who can enter theoperating room as well as operate remotely; sharing two sets of keyboard, mouseand monitor (fordable triple LCD suite) to saving cabinet space; KVM serverinterface supports USB IBM, HP, DELL and USB/PS2 keyboard and mouse of bladeservers, etc. ; support multiple platforms and operating systems, UNIX, AIX,Linux, MS-Windows 2003 Server; operate through the LCD in the room; whenemergencies, able to access KVM devices and target device remotely to monitor anddiagnose the problem; reduce the amount of staff and mumber of in and out ofthe room to ensure safety of engine room equipment.

Recommended Solutions>>

2 KMD-3232 2 remote users x 1 local user x 32 ports connected to 32servers; operate by LCD or remote server usually; 2 AS-1700L integrate 17"LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse, the resolution is 1280 °Ń 1024, drawerdesign, occupy less than 1U of rack space; able to operate the server through adrawer LCD; two sets of AS-1700L used in the program to achieve respectively controlof 2 local KMD-3232 which can control 64 servers at most. 52 servers equipped inthe room currently. There are additional room for 12 servers to realize theability of expansion in the short term. 2pcs 17 "LCD console equipted canbe operated in the room for emergency; able to control all servers when log inthrough IP in the management room. Provide four remote channels of simultaneousmanagement to make operation and management easy.

In order to achieve the management and integration of room resources,features of this program as below:

°§ Save space and cost

>Be able to connect multiple server computers, help users dramatically promoteroom scientific and efficient management capabilities and no need for extramonitor, keyboard, and mouse peripherals, achieve maximum saving of computerroom or desktop space.

Multi-platform support

Support a variety of operating system platforms like SUN / MAC / UNIX /LINUX / NOVELL / DOS, etc.

Reliable security mechanisms

With security mechanisms and three authorization mechanisms are used toeffectively distinguish between different levels of user permissions to preventunauthorized users access the system, and limit management and operating rightsof ordinary users, so as to reduce the risk of the server.

Use whenever plug

Provide greater functionality, compatibility and stability, support IBM,HP, Dell and other servers of major manufacturers.

°§ Save maintenance costs

>The network maintained by the department must run 24 hours a day. Itshardware and software costs, personnel costs and venue costs are a major part ofthe company's operating expenses. This system can achieve rapid problemtroubleshooting, reducing the time administrator enter the room and securityrisks, maximize the role of the existing network management.

°§ Easy and quick to install

Easy to install and able to integrate the existing computer architectureeasily; convenient and simple connection; just plug in the correct cable, theinstallation program is complete; no need to install any software.

°§Energy Saving

This systemmanagement with built-in saving settings, can automatically adjusts the powerconsumption of the device based on management time of traffic, and can inquirethe internal temperature and humidity in real-time, create a healthy and savingworking environment, improve mass application management capabilities.

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