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Demand characteristic analysis>>
City Public Security Bureau carried out the reform of the city traffic monitoring management of the computer room, requirements to improve power management, security, monitoring functions, and can realize the centralized management of all servers in the main control room, further improving the management personnel of the operation and maintenance efficiency, also improve the public security system of IT quality of service. The number of servers operating requirements: 52 Taiwan, need to have the 2-4 user management, not only need to enter the room operation, also need to remote access; room sharing 2 sets of keyboard, mouse and monitor (folding three in one LCD suite), space saving cabinet; the KVM server interface supports IBM, HP, DELL and blade server etc. USB, PS2 keyboard and mouse; support multi platform and operating system, UNIX, AIX, Linux, MS-Windows 2003 Server; into the room through the LCD operation of the server; emergencies, timely remote access KVM devices, access to the target device, where the monitoring and diagnosing problems; reduce the number of times and the staff room, ensure room equipment safety.
The recommended solution>>
2 KMD-3232? 2 remote user local user x 32 x 1 port can also connect 32 servers; usually through the LCD or remote operation on the server; 2 AS-1700L? 17" LCD display, keyboard, mouse one? A resolution of 1280 x 1024 pull type design of the body frame, occupied space is less than 1U; can enter room through the pull type LCD on the server to perform maintenance or operation; this scheme adopts 2 sets of AS-1700L, to achieve local control? Respectively for 2 KMD-3232, the maximum control capacity to 64 servers, the current computer room equipped with 52 servers, expand the space of 12 servers, that have a capacity expansion in the short term, equipped with 2 17" the LCD console, the operation can be performed in the room, to prepare for possible period of want or need; in the engine room control room through the IP login, can realize the room all server management. Provide remote channel 4 at the same time, management, operation and convenient management administrator.

In order to achieve global management and integration of the engine room resources, the characteristics of this program:

°§ Save space and cost
Can be connected to more than one server computer at the same time, it can help users to greatly improve the room scientific and efficient management capability, and eliminates the need for additional purchases monitor, keyboard and mouse peripherals, to save room or desktop space to the maximum extent.
°§ Multi platform support
It can support various operating system platforms, plug and play support Windows operating system, SUN/MAC/ UNIX/LINUX/ NOVELL/DOS operating system.
°§ A reliable security mechanism
Equipped with safety protection mechanism, the use of three kinds of authorization mechanism, distinguish different levels of user permissions, you can prevent unauthorized users enter the system, you can also limit the ordinary user management and the operation of the authority, reduce the server to use the risk.
°§ Plug and play
Provides functionality and compatibility and stability of more powerful, support IBM, HP, Dell and other major manufacturers of server.
°§ Save the maintenance cost
Maintenance of network department network must belong to 24 hours of uninterrupted operation of the network. The main part of the company operating costs are the hardware and software costs, personnel costs and site costs. The use of this system can realize the problem of fault quick solution, reduce the administrator enter time and room security risks of on site, the maximum play to existing network management role.
°§ Easy installation, quick
The installation is simple and can be easily integrated enterprises existing computer architecture; the connection is convenient and simple; just pick the correct connection lines, setup is complete; do not need to install any software.
°§ Environmental protection and energy saving
The use of the system management, with energy saving settings, can according to the time distribution of traffic management, power automatic control equipment, and can be real-time query inside the equipment working temperature and humidity, and create a healthy environment protection energy-saving work environment, effectively improve the large-scale application of management ability.
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